18 Out, 2017


As the man holding the title of "best American fighter in waiting", Crawford has to be in this tier, despite a cautious style that doesn't appeal to every fan. Ward, Bradley and a few others once held the title and the "despites" haven't always held them back. He'll get his big chance to prove himself against Ricky Burns in his next fight, although the bout not being televised on HBO is confusing; he was getting a push from the network but then they said no to his biggest fight. It doesn't feel like a breakup yet, but if it is, Crawford will be without his biggest platform and hurting.

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É com Fair Play que pretendemos trazer uma diversificada panóplia de assuntos e temas. A análise ao detalhe que definiu o jogo; a perspectiva histórica que faz sentido enquadrar; a equipa que tacticamente tem subjugado os seus concorrentes; a individualidade que teima em não deixar de brilhar – é tudo disso que é feito o Fair Play. Que o leitor poderá e deverá não só ler e acompanhar, mas dele participar, através do comentário, fomentando, assim, ainda mais o debate e a partilha.